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Shenkman Arts Centre is home to six visual arts exhibition spaces as well as public art installations. Works by a diverse set of local, regional and national artists are exhibited throughout the Centre. Admission to all of the galleries is free. Meet the artists at monthly receptions. Consult our Events Calendar for details.
AOE Gallery

The AOE Gallery showcases visual art by emerging and professional artists who are members with Arts Network Ottawa. The office space doubles as a gallery and is equally suitable for readings, gatherings, meetings and presentations. Individual, duo, and artist collectives show their work here in 2D and 3D mediums. Arts Network Ottawa provides the space to local artists so they can add to their exhibition experience, to sell their work and have conversations with the community.

Open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
Open on select Sundays for Meet the Artist, 1 pm to 3 pm

SAC - AOE Gallery - Barb Lougheed
Barb Lougheed:

November 8 to December 11
Meet the artist event: November 25, 1 pm to 3 pm

This series, entitled Erasure, explores how urbanization is stripping wildlife of their habitat and leading to their demise. While the process is going on worldwide, my focus is on the Canadian wilds: the World Wildlife Fund's September 2017 report shows that half of Canadian wildlife species are in serious population decline and that a key factor is habitat loss.

The series places us in a space that is familiar yet askew – the colours are aggressively fluorescent and there are floating brains and wraithlike animals. This jarring world asks us to reflect on what is happening to nonhuman life on the planet and whether we are implicated in the paving over of animals’ space. The hybrid approach mixes realism with fantastic landscapes, flat with three dimensional and insistently bright colours to speak about our contemporary relationship with the wilderness.

Animals are shown overlooking their domains which, in some cases, have shrunk to postage stamp size. In other cases, the process is impending. In one of the sub-series, a giant brain hovers over the landscape, symbolizing human colonizing intentions and our tendency to overvalue our cleverness, set ourselves up as masters of the world and forget about our responsibility to other living creatures. The roughed in animals suggest that the process of erasing them from the landscape is well underway.

In other pieces, the suburbs are encroaching. A larger than life rabbit looks out, its size meant to suggest the magnitude of the anxiety created by the loss of its natural habitat. The diminutive and colourful suburbs are meant to point to the conflict we feel, knowing as we do that we need to engage in protecting our world while at the same time wanting to retreat home to refuge and shut the door on it all.

Moose and Fridges shows the iconic Canadian moose sandwiched between refrigerators, with the neon background evoking the urbanization of wild spaces. The fridges have either been discarded (the door is off one), symbolizing the throwaway society in which we live or, given that the fridges are lined up in fairly pristine order and there is a tiled floor referencing the indoors, we could in fact be in an appliance store which has set up on the spot where the forest once was. What is sure is that the moose’s available land has shrunk to dimensions just sufficient to fit his body. The TV and clouds suggest we’re living in a dream. The painting’s thesis is that our response to wildlife is nostalgic and romantic, like our appreciation of pastel coloured fridges, but that this is an inadequate response to the razing of our natural world.

The exhibit asks us to consider our role as defenders of wildlife for the sake of the animals and for our own, as the natural world and our heritage as Canadians and as world citizens is being diminished around us.
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Trinity Art Gallery banner

Owned and operated by the City of Ottawa, the Trinity Art Gallery features the works of local and regional artists in two exhibition salons. Artists are selected through an annual peer assessment process. For submission information go to Trinity Art Gallery Salons A and B are located on the Lower Level of the Shenkman Arts Centre.

SAC-Trinity A-Jordan Danger-160px
Jordan Danger: No green without blue

October 18 to November 20

This colourful exhibition urges us to awaken our connection with the seas. Artist Jordan Danger strives to reignite our affinity and spiritual bond with the oceans and its creatures through the elemental power of ceramic sculpture.
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SAC-Trinity A-Mario Cerroni-160px
Mario Cerroni: Double Vision

November 22, 2018 to January 8, 2019

This exhibition will consist of a series of images created using reflections, double exposures and layered composites. They show relationships between multiple views of various locations. Sometimes, opposing viewpoints will challenge the viewers' perceptions. The created tension caused by combining multiple images forces the viewer to resolve the reality behind what they are seeing.
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SAC-Trinity A-OWS-160px
Ottawa Watercolour Society: Brush and Water

January 10 to February 12, 2019

Ottawa Watercolour Society (OWS) is pleased to present the best in brush and water techniques from top watercolour artists in the Ottawa region. View over 30 masterful paintings and award winners chosen by jury at the Society’s 79th juried show.
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SAC-Trinity A-Arteast-160px
Arteast: Mosaic

February 14 to Mach 19, 2019

Member artists, from the beginner to the professional, were encouraged to submit their best two and three-dimensional works to this recurring juried exhibition. The selected works display the diverse talents of the Arteast membership.
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Trinity Art Gallery - Salon B

SAC-Trinity B-Nancy Halpin-160px
Nancy Halpin: River’s Edge

October 18 to November 20

Sometimes ordinary moments by the river’s edge can become extraordinary when having a closer look. Photographs of these serene moments, combined with encaustics (an ancient technique using molten wax), bring a new dimension and ethereal quality to the images.
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SAC-Trinity B-AM Benz-160px
A. M. Benz: Achromatically Inclined

November 22, 2018 to January 8, 2019

In today’s colour-drenched world, Achromatically Inclined asks the viewer to see things a little differently. An exploration into the elegance of a limited palette, materials are placed to catch light while accentuating the design, to create an engaging piece.
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SAC-Trinity B-Ralph Nevins-160px
Ralph Nevins: Cirrus'ly

January 10 to February 12, 2019

An interactive cloudy exhibit presenting elements of Conway's Game of Life and new media art; completely artificial in nature.
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SAC-Trinity A-Arteast-160px
Arteast: Mosaic

February 14 to Mach 19, 2019

Member artists, from the beginner to the professional, were encouraged to submit their best two and three-dimensional works to this recurring juried exhibition. The selected works display the diverse talents of the Arteast membership.
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Gloucester Pottery School – Dust Evans Gallery

The Dust Evans Gallery, located on the lower lobby of the Shenkman Arts Centre, is operated by the Gloucester Pottery School. Each year the work of six professional artists who sculpt in clay is featured. Most exhibiting artists also give workshops in the school’s studio.

OSA Header

On the Centrum Level of the Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa School of Art-Orléans Campus Gallery features a broad range of works by local, national and international artists. Please note that this gallery is closed on Sundays.

Promenade Arteast

The City of Ottawa and community arts organizations own visual arts spaces for exhibiting artwork. They are operated and programmed by the community arts organizations. Promenade Arteast features works by members of Arteast on the lower level of Shenkman Arts Centre.

Member Exhibit
Upcoming Exhibition dates:
  • October 18, 2018 to January 8, 2019
  • January 10 to March 19, 2019
  • March 21 to May 20, 2019
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LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

The LaLande + Doyle exhibition space in the lower lobby area at Shenkman Arts Centre features touring (mostly national, but some international) exhibitions of an artistic nature, embassies promoting artists with origins in their countries, festivals, special events and other short-term exhibitions. 

SAC-LplusD-BazArt 160px
November 24 to December 13
Baz’Art is more than a weekend event. Part of this annual tradition is an exhibition and sale of smaller (and very affordable) works by visual artists from across the region. Photography, painting, printmaking and more are for sale.

Baz’Art 2018 visual artists include:
Marion Aitken
Tracy Armstrong
Marcela Batisteli
Karen Bell
Erin Beneteau
Diane Bertrand
Henry Brynkus
Danielle Caron
Jane Cass
Catherine Garcia Cournoyer
Sarah Cumberbirch
Linda Dyson
Nadine Lamoureux
Richard Leigh-Bennett
Judi Miller
Karen Miller
Claude Paradis
Ginette Parizeau
Jennifer Raby
Georges Robert
Sylvie Sabourin
Luminita Serbanescu
Barb Sohn
Suman Sundram
Becca Wallace
Diane Washam
Stephanie Wellman
Artists of Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre
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Linda Girard

January 4 to 27, 2019

In art, as in life, change is a constant, and transformation requires creativity. Seven artists selected by jury were challenged to stretch their creativity by adding new dimensions to their work. They have been asked to present an artwork using their familiar creative process, and design two other pieces, expressing the original thought, but using a completely different visual language or expressing a change in direction of the original idea.

Carol Bretzloff, Sylvia Bretzloff, Valerie Bridgeman, Cheryl Dolan, Linda Girard, Louise Guay, Dale Shutt.

A traveling exhibition presented by artPontiac

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